Friday, February 27, 2009


"Kerusi" in Malay mean chair or seat in English.
Remember when I wrote the last story of the Olympian that never made it to the Olympic Game.
I just realise there is another unanswered question. It is understandable rushing for seats when everybody beat each other to get in into the train. There are seats to be fighting for. Rushing out from the train? There is no seat to fight for.
I suppose it is already a habit for Malaysian. What was the ritual?
Low cost carrier?
When LC was introduced into the country aviation industry, the first unique but un called for rule was free seating!
Day in and day out when you are flying the LCC you will have to rush for seats.
Today it become the issue nationwide. Especially since the last general election. From Parliamentary seats to state assembly seats. Next? nobody knows what seats.


  1. sir,
    what happen if the passenger is old n he/she needs to rush for the seat too?

  2. how about the old n weak or handicap passengers? do they need to rush for the seat too?