Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is my first day log on the subject. Welcome to my blog.
I just want to relate today's log to my vacation early this year.
My investment on time sharing holiday in 1995 has allowed me to booked a room for my family at one of the resort in Langkawi Island, a holiday island destination in Malaysia. It offers holiday facilities and activities coupled with duty free shopping opportunity.
As I did not manage to pre-plan my transportation there, I have to take whatever was available. I ended up taking a train ride from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth. A twelve hours journey that cost me RM 68 per person in the first class cabin.
Departing Kuala Lumpur central station at 12:30 am. The original departure time was supposed be at 10:30pm. There was a creeping delay that kept us waiting.
The train did manage to catch up with the time when we arrived at Butterworth at 08:30 am. Avoiding illegal taxi, managed to get into a bus leaving for Arau in Perlis. This trip cost me RM 13.50.
Arriving after two haour ride, we took taxi to the Kuala Perlis ferry terminal at a cost of RM 13 per taxi. It took us about 20 minutes taxi ride.

We have to wait for 3o minutes before able to take the ferry ride across to the Island. The ferry ride took 45 minutes and cost me RM 18 per person.

All in all it cost me RM 112.50 to reach the ferry terminal at Langkawi.

Prior to my trip, my evaluation of various airlines fares were as follows;
Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi by Malaysia Airlines : one way trip at RM 379.
Air Asia is offering a fare of RM 127.50 one way.
Subang to Langkawi by Firefly at RM 250 per person.

It is still cheaper to travel by road and rail as compared to even the Malaysian only low cost carrier.
Is the fare charged by the airlines in Malaysia justifiable? Is there a monopoly in the Malaysian air transportation market?
I leave it to you to comment and share your thought or experience.

I will share with you my experience in my last trip on Air Asia from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur.
Have a good day.


  1. slm....wow! u have such good vacation..i have experienced at there, there have many interesting place to go such as dataran helang, bukit mak cincau, telaga 7 and many more... i have spent Rm500 for that trip, from kb to kl and from kl to langkawi air asia flight,and also 2 days 1 night hotel...

  2. ok,i think,it is expensive if travel by flight, but there are not many procedures that need to be considered. as u said sir, u should think to avoid illegal taxis, train and others. but if travel by plane, just waiting at airport and when u arrived there just take a taxi to the jetty.