Saturday, February 21, 2009

Malaysian - the Olympian?

I would like to share this short observation that I have last week. For this I would like to defer my followup story on the previous posting to the next posting.

I was taking the Express Rail Link from Bandar Salak Tinggi to KL Central, on my way to Kuala Lumpur.
I arrived at the station about 15 minutes early or rather 15 minutes late, as I was supposedly to take the earlier train. These train operates every 30 minutes.
Being early and it is at 08:00 hours, I would expect big crowd of office workers. So I decided to take my spot at about the normal place one of the train door would open.
I was alone. Then one after another of these office workers appears and took their place next to mine. Interestingly as my spot seem to be the one most accurately located at the door point, people next to me begin to make a move to displace me. For the first time I see a person pretending reading a newspaper begin to crab - side walk towards me and slowly pushing me away from my original point.
Then at 07: 53 the train arrived. The train stopped and doors opened. To my surprise there were so many Olympian from Salak Tinggi. Every body jump forward to make their body touch the finish line first.
Arriving KL Central I have to connect my travel using the Mono Rail Service. The same phenomenon occurs. I met more and more the Malaysian Olympian.

I reflected the same scenario on the road, at the supermarket and even when leaving the mosque.
My question is why it is so difficult for us Malaysian to win even a single Olympics Gold Medal if we have so many Olympian every where in the country. Where is our great formula 1 driver that has been showing off on our road?
My conclusion is that our Olympian do not have sporting spirit!!!!!!

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